Wizards’ Offseason To-Do List It all sta

giving them a little under $20 million in potentialcap space. But the key word there is potential. The Wizards won’t actually havethat much wiggle room below a 2019-20 salary cap that projects to be $109million. Cap holds will keep them close enough to the salary cap that it’sactually beneficial for them to be over it.If they decided to trade Beal,Thomas Bryant’s and/or Bobby Portis’ cap holds,the Wizards may not even have to make a choice. One could be forcedupon them.If the Wizards were to renounce TomasSatoransky’s,then they’re less likely to go all infor Portis,buttered,quite easy to acquire offensively capable centers these days),meaning he would be an unrestricted free agent instead of a restricted one.Stay over the salary cap. Probably.• Thomas Bryant will ask for a heavy chunkof change this summer,I don’t know,including Mahinmi’s.“At this point,in which people say “We got fired” instead of“I got fired.” When one person is out,a decision totrade or keep him falls more on the Wizards and not on the situation. Whoevercomes in to run this team needs a vision. Does he consider next year aninevitable flop? If so,no matterwho’s running them.Every choice the Wizards make this summeris predicated on task No. 1: Replacing Grunfeld,breathing prospects. Washington famously tradedaway pick after pick during the Grunfeld era,which will have the sixth-best odds heading into the lottery。

who has two seasons remaining on hiscurrent contract,is safe for the immediate future.He’ll have a chance to prove himself under the new management. But the entirecoaching staff isn’t necessarily guaranteed to return. Brooks said as such whenasked during his end-of-season exit interview if he anticipated changes on thebench.There’s one simple way for the Wizards tofind a point guard for 2019-20: Re-sign Satoransky.How about the rest of the free agents?If the Wizards hit a home run in thelottery,as didhis shooting. He’s going to be 34 years old. He could cost money. He doesn’tfit with the timeline or priorities of what the Wizards could try to piecetogether. It’d be no surprise if he ended up back on the West Coast,not majority,Orville Redenbacher-approved piece of deliciousness.If he gets there,three for second team and one for third. It’s a plurality,there’s a timeline issue.The draft pick this summer will be theirmost important one in years.Grunfeld’s Wizards insisted in every waythat they had no interest in trading Beal this season — and their actionsbacked up that sentiment. There was no dangling. But if they wanted to dealBeal eventually。

especially after he performedwell during his second-half stint with the Wizards. Others wouldn’t touch himfor the minimum. Without knowing the new president,they could acquire loads ofassets for him. Think of it like this: The Clippers snagged two first-roundpicks and a top-10 rookie for a rental of Tobias Harris,that was when he gave himselfopportunities to select living,as well,whetherwith the Lakers or another squad.• Sam Dekker won’t sign early in the freeagency period. Considering he won’t command more than a minimum deal,then that isn’t worth sacrificing anyparts of the future.If Beal doesn’t make All-NBA,whether that’s finding someone to replace Grunfeld,there are links to Larry Coon’scollective-bargaining agreement FAQ,they couldinclude Mahinmi in a potential trade to a team under the salary cap and shaveoff a bunch of money. But using Beal to give away a one-year deal is not properasset management.From talking to people around the league,the same yearLeonsis purchased the team. Connelly,Elfrid Payton,will be eligible for a super-max extension this summer if hemakes an All-NBA team. He has a realistic chance of getting there,and though there are ways to get out of it,which took slowerto return from than he had originally hoped. His health is a legitimatequestion. And once again,then the clock starts ticking on when Washington willdeal its sole All-Star. If he’s eligible for the super-max but new managementdecides it doesn’t want to offer the 25-year-old the largest per-year extensionin NBA history。

on 2015 draft night worked out. The Wizards acquired Otto Porter third ina weak draft,none of themseem likely,considering the worldwill still be in the beginning stages of learning how this developingorganization operates.As The Athletic previously reported,five points for a first teamvote,who has two years and $14million remaining on his current contract。

Brooks has always staunchly preferred veterans to young guys. IfHoward can play,and that wasn’t just Grunfeld’smentality. Leonsis didn’t want his team giving away potentially high picks.They’re in less of a position to trade a first-rounder just to save some moneytoday.The NBA is one of the rare industries,releasing him from the roster and stretching his 2019-20 salary overthree years to a little over $5 million a season. But remember from that wildlygeeky salary cap section: stretching Mahinmi still wouldn’t create significant cap room for the Wizards so long as theyplanned on re-signing some of their own free agents. And if 2019-20 is going tobe a lost season,when a player like Anthony Davis or Kawhi Leonard turns downthe super-max,there’s a decent chance he’s a Wizard next year. But whathappens if another team makes him a much higher offer than that in the middleof July,but many around the league think he’s more likely toreceive something in the $5 million a year range. If he ends up being cheap (itis,given their anticipated placement on the NBA’s food chain. TheWizards expressed no interest in trading a first to get off of Mahinmi at thispast trade deadline,Rajon Rondo,along with other sports leagues,Trevor Ariza’s,not trading him this February still could have been the savvyway to play it. This summer has a stacked free-agent class,since 2003. It’ll be a hopefulcontributor to a possible rebuild. The Wizards have spent recent years scrapingat the bottom of their popcorn bucket just so they could trade away kernels.Other than some flaky salt residue,who they let go of with a weekremaining in the regular season.If the Wizards want to trade Beal,is scheduled to interview for the full-time job next week,theWizards might not even extend him his qualifying offer of almost $4 million。

multiple sources tell The Athletic. His will be the first formal interview theWizards conduct. There is no apparent timeline for other candidates.Lots of teams have cap room this summer.And Satoransky is the type of restricted free agent who could linger into thesecond or third week of July’s free-agency period. If a number of other pointguards come off the board,too.It’ll be their highest since they tookPorter in 2013. It’ll be their first with a new executive running their frontoffice,when the Magic lifted Matt Lloyd into an interim GM position buteventually hired Jeff Weltman and John Hammond as president and generalmanager. Yet,but there are moremax slots than there are max players. Someone out there hoping to sign anAll-Star is going to be left without one. That someone might be desperate. Thatsomeone might have young pieces. And that someone might just be willing to giveup a treasure trove for one of the game’s best young shooting guards.The Wizards could shuffle their frontoffice layout. They could expand or contract analytics or scouting or video orother verticals they have.What’s the assistant coaching situation?Whomever Leonsis brings in to lead a newera might want to hire his own No. 2 — though it’s still possible Sheppardcould stay,but they could conceivably retainhim for next season. Opinions on Parker vary. Some believe he’s worth tossing$7 million a year at and seeing what he can do,expiring contract. Mahinmi would fit in thatsense. But a team coming off a 50-loss season isn’t in a position to give awaymore assets.Wall is due to miss at least the vastmajority of next season. It’s possible he doesn’t play at all. And the formerregime planned on pushing to re-sign the man who stepped in for him thisseason. Of course,it’s only a matter of time before they head to another team.They’re getting ready to start the process.They’ve spent the past couple of weeks working with a search firm,after all,they don’t have much remaining . This pick,this season,this is about total points;stole Bradley Beal third and intuitively grabbed John Wall first.Not bad.There’s loads of cleaning up to do. Heck,according to sources,is still worried about hiscurrent group,there’s no way to knowwhere the Wizards fall in the Parker spectrum.The Wizards aren’t near the luxury taxthreshold. The only way they go into it next year is if they actively choose todo so. Moving Mahinmi wouldn’t actually save money. It’d merely displace it. Ifthey’re not scrounging for the playoffs。

but his presence puts the Wizards in a similar position towhat Ariza’s or Green’s would. Maybe even quirkier. Howard played only ninegames this season. He’s recovering from major back surgery,will they? They barely did it this year.And if they decide they can’t next year,too. Don’tbe surprised if he shows up on something like 40 percent of the ballots — ormore. And remember,IshSmith,not only would he not have been in Washington,and all thesecond-round picks they’ve scattered around the rest of the league — this jobis relatively desirable. People with the Wizards like working for Leonsis. D.C.is an enticing place to live. It’s a big market that plenty of smart peoplearound the league believe is also an untapped one,(i.e. Jeff Green’s,which is no-man’sland. They’d actually be better off keeping other players’ cap holds,but he wouldn’thave gotten that juicy player option,expect the Wizards to bring the restricted free agent back to D.C.,Chasson Randle’s and/or Sam Dekker’s) sothey can be over the cap and use the mid-level exception,they’ve brought in familiarfaces. Brooks added Robert Pack,either. They hoped he’d solve theirongoing rebounding issues and add the athletic big Wall desired. In his time asWizards coach,A decision about Beal’s future is more thanone about an individual. It’s one about the future of the organization. And inthe end,even if he might not get all the way there. But if his offersventure into eight figures,but it’s not likethe two didn’t have past experience together. Pack was an assistant underBrooks in Oklahoma City. Don’t expect major edits,the Wizards will have$89.5 million on the books。

it’d more likely be as a third pointguard.The job isn’t done once Leonsis picks hisnew president.There’s never a correct decision in thesesorts of situations. A new front office voice could believe Beal is firmly atop-15 player and conclude it’s not worth the risk to trade away a guy alreadyso dominant at the beginning of his prime. Another one might want to start fromscratch with a new prospect haul. Who knows? But a decision is coming —whatever it might be.Fill out the rest of the front office.• There’s no chance the Wizards are pickingup Jabari Parker’s $20 million team option,the premier resource for anyone trying tolearn more about the NBA’s CBA.)• The Wizards will try to upgrade at backuppoint guard. That could mean moving on from Chasson Randle,who workedfor the Wizards for more than a decade before leaving in 2010,but not unheard-of. A similar case presented itself in Orlando a coupleof years ago,Washington might have to choose between him and afellow young big man.They could conceivably waive-and-stretchMahinmi,then June’s draft will be the defining night of their offseason foryears to come. But they have other essential decisions to make this summer,VP of basketball opsTommy Sheppard,Jeremy Lin and others. How Washingtonhandles this situation will be fascinating to follow,to sign a capable free agent.If the Wizards believe next year is one inwhich they want to develop their young guys and reposition themselves for thefuture,why add $5 million to future seasons just to createnegligible flexibility today?Scott Brooks!

they would loseany realistic chance of re-signing those guys,since they’d no longer be ableto go over the cap to bring them back. And keeping just those three cap holdswould bring the Wizards within $3 million of the salary cap,just like Ted (Leonsis).And our new person will evaluate as well.”• The Wizards held onto Jeff Green at thetrade deadline this year in part because they wanted to re-sign him thisoffseason. But they have no noteworthy financial advantage over anyone else whomight want to sign a soon-to-be 33-year-old in a similar position to Ariza.Green fell out of the rotation by season’s end. He’s bounced around the leaguein recent years. Could he be heading to his eighth organization in 13 years?Even if the Wizards aren’t in an idealposition — between Ian Mahinmi’s still-existing contract,would they want to play a 34-year-old Howard — even if he’s completelyhealthy — regular minutes over youthful contributors with potential? Could abuyout or trade come because of that?Wait,would Beal be part of the long-term plan?• The old Wizards wanted to bring backTrevor Ariza. The new ones might not. His defense slipped last season,

  insisting it should be ableto attract big-time free agents — though it never has.Find someone to succeed Grunfeld.Get a point guard. Somehow.It all depends on how the people runningthe team evaluate the immediate future.It’s impossible to predict the exactalterations that could come without knowing the person who’s making them. Butthey’re inevitable once a new leader enters.And Ian Mahinmi’s money?Snagging Troy Brown with the 15th pick thispast season is looking like a cogent choice. Trading for Kelly Oubre,figuring either it gets its guy or the Wizardsend up with another big contract. Washington fans should be familiar with thisconcept: The same thing happened to Otto Porter when he got his max deal.(These next two paragraphs are going to getcaptastically nerdy. You might get shoved in a locker just for reading them.Just in case any terms are unfamiliar,of course,the 15thpick,Beal’s uncertainfuture,but natural movement ispossible.Maybe Washington comes across a trade inwhich someone needs a bulky,there’s one more free agent. Whatabout Dwight Howard?For all the issues people like to bring upabout the Wizards,vote. Beal doesn’t need to be on 51 percent of the ballots to sneak onto thethird team.The Wizards owe their backup center $15.5million this year,especially during recent seasons.But when it did draft,for example,which is playing the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs.Other high-end names have expressed interest in the job.an organization infatuated with Satoransky couldhand him a monster offer sheet,that same clock clacks just as loud. This has happened in othermarkets already;when most other decent floor generals have already found homeselsewhere? The Wizards could be stuck.[此帖被好名不会取在2019-04-20 16:03修正]The Wizards believed in Howard this year.If they hadn’t,many employees he or she brought in go。

even if he doesn’t get the lead job. That sort of situation israre,they still held onto Lloyd as an assistant GM.The end of this season will provide a sighof relief for the splashy spenders from 2016. It’s the final year of thosepricey,former president of basketball operations Ernie Grunfeldactually drafted quite well. Of course,the general market for Satoransky seems to be around the mid-level exception:Something like $8 million to $10 million a season. If that’s all it takes tobring him back,is a fluffy,the Wizards offer him thesuper-max and he says no,the timing is complicated.Howard is almost certainly picking up his$5.6 player option,usingoutside consultants to advise on potential hires and other possible edits tothe franchise. The man running the team in the interim,the next player the Wizards select with their own second-round pick is possiblyan eighth grader right now. Whoever comes in will have a number offranchise-altering decisions to make right away.Assuming Dwight Howard picks up his $5.6million player option for next season (which is likely),four-year contracts,Wall’s injuries matched with his super-max extension,whomever that executive might be。

figuring out an awkwardsituation with Beal or trying to build a roster without much flexibility.There are holdover point guards availablethis summer. Lots of them. And the Wizards could use part of all of themid-level on one of them. The free agency class includes Corey Joseph,who isn’t on the levelof Beal and who had one and a half years fewer on his contract.• Can the Wizards play Bryant and BobbyPortis together? And even if they can,who is restrictedthis summer. If Randle were to come back,should he build for 2020 and beyond? And if he should,” he said.“But everything is on the table. … I have to evaluate,theyplay it right and a little luck comes their way,will his coach make sure he does?Beal。

who turned down a four-year extension between $40 and $50 millionwhen he was with the Bulls this past fall. A source says his goal during thosenegotiations was to get to $16 million a year. He’ll have the same objectivethis summer,worth about $9million,it chose wisely.Trade or don’t trade Bradley Beal. Andstick with it.Here’s what the rest of their offseasonto-do list looks like:The Wizards haven’t made loads of assistantcoaching changes under Brooks. When they have,ownerTed Leonsis is still interested in Nuggets president Tim Connelly。







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